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Harry in Iron Lady biopic?

Thanks to a link posted by missmovies which was showing a picture of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in a new movie, I spotted "Harry Lloyd" in the article. It seems to indicate he'll be playing the younger version of Denis Thatcher.

Link that missmovies posted
Guardian article I found that gives a few more details on the movie.

OMG. I hope that is our Harry, just because it means we'll get to see more of him! LOL

It's like a Doberman - Let it have its ears!

so i was just googling harry lloyd (god, i wish that was as dirty as it sounds) and i found the Best Thing Ever. why it is the Best Thing Ever, i can't really say, i just find it extremely hilarious - both the fact that it exists and the fact that harry lloyd is on it:


it is a gallery of "intact" men. that is, actors who are uncircumcised. BZUH? yeah, i know, right? like that's something the internet needs! i guess it serves some need, apparently. there must be someone out there who is just desperate to find out the foreskin status of random actors. what's next? a gallery of actresses who don't shave their pubes? actually, i'd like to see that - they could call it "bush gardens!" *ba dum sch!* thank you, thank you, i'll be here all week!

ya know, it made me think - i think about harry lloyd a lot. daydreams, fantasies, fanfiction... probably more than he'd ever want some one who doesn't know him to think about him. but at least i had never wondered about his penis. sure, i've thought about Will Scarlett having sex in many, many, many, many ways, but he's just a character and not necessarily the same as the actor who portrays him. until now. now, it is a fact that is in my brain. harry lloyd has foreskin. on his penis. i really never cared in any way whatsoever, but someone thought it was important information that i ought to know. so now i do. and yet, i still have yet to formulate an opinion on the issue. i know more about harry lloyd's penis than i ever wanted to.

Lost things

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Monday night, Channel 4 (England), 9pm, there is a biopic of Charles Dickens on the tellybox.

David Haig is playing the great one (hmm, those interlinked actorly types...) but apparently there are also 'contributions' from his descendants.

They only mention a woman by the name of Lucinda Hawksley, but you never know your Harry Lloyd induced luck.

Besides which, it looks like a rollicking good watch.

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I have finally finished laughing long enough to tell you guys this:

In this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine (Issue 60, 17-23 April) there is, no word of a lie...

...A Son of Mine/Jeremy Baines face mask!!

I didn't notice at first because they'd hidden the front cover advert for it behind a free notebook/pad combo.

Sadly they've removed the poor lad's eyes for it (though they are beautifully intact on the cover) and it freaked my bloke out good and proper.

I assured him that I won't make him wear it, but he liked the idea of a whole row of people wearing them on the front row whilst watching The Sea!

Perhaps Harry's agent asked the magazine to desist until the play had finished...
will boob

just a little something

this isn't really news or even newsworthy, but i feel the need to establish my presence and also show off my mad googling skills.
so here's what i have for you:

"Applause must, of course, also be extended to Oxford's new dramatic sensation, fresher Harry Lloyd, whose portrayal of Faustus' arrogance is sheer brilliance; he manages not only to wrestle with the intricacy of the many facets of his character's pride ("I am pride") but also captures his torment between good and evil in a way which can only command respect."

and if my eyes are not just seeing what i want to see, i believe this is a very small picture of him:

actually he's mentioned in a bunch of articles (nothing more than "...played by Harry Lloyd..") on there but the pictures are all too small to make out if its him or not.

so that's it. cheers!