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Harry Lloyd Fans

we like the quiet brooding types

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RH LJ Guide @ Livejournal.com


harrylloydfans is, funnily enough, for fans of the very yummy actor Harry Lloyd. Your mods are princesskirsty and missmomoko and they can be contacted through the questions post. Do NOT send the mods emails, comment on their personal LJs or send them those private message things for anything regarding the community as they will be IGNORED.

Questions go here | Suggestions go here

The following rules have come about via problems we've had in the past, we are not just control freaks, people do shitty things on communities so this is our way to make sure it doesn't happen.

If your post does not adhere to any of the following rules and guidelines then it will be automatically deleted. If the mods feel like your post is salvageable then we will leave you a comment asking for you to fix the post, you will then be given one hour from the time of the notification comment to fix the problem. If it is not sorted by this point then we will delete your post.

If you are new to livejournal please be aware that livejournal is NOT a set of message boards, it does not operate the same way. The "norms", etiquette, styles, and basic modding is completely different - LJ comm mods don't have anywhere near the kind of power that message board mods do - we can delete members, delete posts and delete the comm - we cannot edit anything, fix anything, solve arguments, etc. People do not use LJ comms the way that they do message boards and this is why it operates differently.

1 - All posts must be Harry related (either himself or one of his characters).

2 - IMAGES must be of a reasonable size. Nothing bigger than 300x320, or else put them behind a cut. If the image is not safe for work/naughty in some way, put it behind a cut. No more than three icons must be posted before a cut. In addition to that if its a multifandom icon post ALL icons shown on our community MUST be Harry with no long list of what else is in your post (conveniently crossed out although still readable is not allowed either).

3 - While we love long posts on the community we do NOT love them on our flists, if the post is extra long then put it behind a cut.

4 - Please try and tag your entries by going back to edit the tags once the post has been made.

5 - LINKS that lead to information outside of the community (a website or a forum or another LJ community) MUST be accessible to everyone WITHOUT having to sign up to something or join a community/friend you - however we understand that some sites only allow access from certain countries, this is fine (but warnings are nice if you know before hand).

6 - PROMOTION is fine, if you have a website/forum then feel free to post a promotion. If you have a LJ community that you feel is Harry related then first contact a mod via the question section who will then tell you whether or not you can promote. Communities that would be accepted: characters like Will or Baines, Harry graphics or a daily comm. Communities that won't be accepted: another Harry comm (its unfair to expect us to promote a community idea you copied from us!), a general fandom comm - robinhood etc.

i. Teasing members with information that you have gained through "special contacts" makes you look like an attention seeker (examples: "i know this but i totally can't tell you!!" "i know this, be my friend and i'll tell you!!" etc)
ii. attacking members over content in their post (slash, bad!art, etc) makes you mean
iii. trolling and causing conflict makes you a loser
iv. and complaining that the community doesn't have enough information makes people angry.

Attention seekers, meanies, losers and trolls are NOT allowed. To report any such behaviour go here and leave a comment.
Fanfiction for any of the Harry Lloyd related fandoms is NOT allowed. I see no reason to NOT allow members to post any real life fiction (slash or otherwise). So that means a fic about Will Scarlett getting a dog is NOT allowed but a fic about Harry Lloyd getting a dog IS allowed.
To avoid rabid spoiling, at certain times the community will go on moderated posting.
i. For TV shows the community will be spoiler free for one week after the airing of whatever it is in the UK.
ii. For plays that Harry is featuring put everything behind a cut but members be aware we will unlikely delete anything play related for spoilers because with plays there isn't much you can spoil and not everyone can see it.
iii. For movies, like TV, we will moderate posts but for TWO WEEKS and after that we ask you to place things behind a cut but we will not delete.
4 - As you have probably realised by now, we are SLASH FRIENDLY. So don't complain to mods or posters if something slashy is posted.

Harry Lloyd Fansite

jonas_armstrong, lucygriffithslj, lovin_much, joearmstrongluv

If you wanna affilate then just leave us a comment on the questions post here

Harry Lloyd Fansite
Harry @ Wikipedia
Harry @ IMDB
Scarlett Fever fan forum
Agent website - has news and stuff :D

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