roh_wyn (roh_wyn) wrote in harrylloydfans,

Nylon Magazine - May 2011

I don't think I've seen this here before, and I sort of stumbled on to it by accident...

Tags: articles, pics, tv: game of thrones

  • New role

    *dusts off cobwebs* Harry is part of the cast of a four-part series on Channel 4 that is currently filming. The Fear features Peter Mullan as the…

  • Sunday Times...

    *knock, knock* Is this thing still on? Harry Lloyd is all over the place these days, and this place is so quiet. Here he is again, in The…

  • GQ Man of the Month... in Harry Lloyd is. Clicky! Hat tip to Harry-Lloyd on Tumblr. (I object strenuously to the hair, but everything else? OSOM!)

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