Ian Cochrane (lankyguy) wrote in harrylloydfans,
Ian Cochrane

Little Dog Laughed audience mini 'review'

You may not want to read, it's good but there's NSFW text, and those waiting to see the show and wanting surprises may consider it a bit spoilery.

"Saw this tonight - kinda by accident, not realising what it was all about! Well worth a look. These two guys spend much of the first half wandering around in their Armani pants. It's bulges a-gogo.

Witty dialogue, and a few big laughs. But I got the impression a lot of the audience weren't expecting it to be the kind of play it was - when Harry Lloyd exposed his (absolutely gorgeous) bum right at us, there was a bit of a gasp from the old dears, and the mums with the 10 year old kids who I suspect were there cos they'd left it too late to buy tickets for The Lion King.

I think the bit where Rupert Friend was just about to go down on a nudey Harry Lloyd was too much for the tweedy couple in front of us, cos they didn't reappear after the interval!"


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