New role

*dusts off cobwebs*

Harry is part of the cast of a four-part series on Channel 4 that is currently filming. The Fear features Peter Mullan as the main character, and Harry as one of his sons.

(I realize that all the action is at Tumblr these days, but honestly? It's impossible to actually interact with anyone there, so I figured I'd keep posting here. Until the mods shut the joint down, lol).

Thanks to @Lloydalists for the news tip!
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Comic Genius

Oh, some definite loveliness from Harry on Great Expectations tonight. I think this is probably the longest amount of screen time and decent dialogue he's had in his entire television career. ;)

Anyway, I spotted this little bit of comic genius on the Wikipedia page for this version of Great Expectations. (Teeny bit of spoilers if you don't know the story of Great Expectations at all, but can be avoided by only looking where the red arrow points.)

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Lost things

Quick Reminder...

...That our Hazza is on the telly box, here in Merry(ish) England at nine of the clock, on BBC 1.


(He wasn't in last night's ep, but should be in tonight's. I'd like that Pocket in MY pocket ;)
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The Iron Lady Trailer

I was on IMDB earlier and noticed that they had some trailers up for The Iron Lady. There is one teaser which is quite sweet and one full trailer which is quite cool but only a little bit of Harry, but the second trailer has a really nice bit of adorkable Harry at the beginning.

Click here to go to IMDB video

Mods - we need an Iron Lady tag! :) *smoochies*
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